Hacksaw – Amplified Noise Slaughter CD

Grindcore, Death Metal

Side Amplified
A1 Collar Bomber 1:06
A2 Run Over By A Tank (During A North Korean Military Parade) 1:01
A3 Beating The Living Piss Out Of Mark Williamson (Hacksaw U.K. Sucks) 1:13
A4 Music Cops 1:03
A5 Another Grindcore Song 0:46
A6 You Fell Off An Escalator And Died (Josh Martin) 0:40
A7 Slow Cooked Head Meat 1:06
A8 Toe Nail Smoker 0:49

Side Noise Slaughter
B1 Birthed Into A Vat Of Toxic Sludge 1:11
B2 Tied Down 1:17
Written-By – Negative Approach
B3 Amplified Noise Slaughter 1:00
B4 It's A C.A.N.S. World 0:48
B5 Rancid Sucks, And The Clash Sucked Too 0:36
Written-By – AxCx
B6 Tomato Heads Fuck Off 0:56
B7 Garbage Eater 0:16
B8 Combustible Piss 0:39